Location:  Duarte, California
Scope of Work:  Renovation
Description:  The Homeowners of a centrally located three-story townhouse in Duarte wanted a fresh new look and upgrade on some architectural elements, the guardrails and handrails.
We examined the existing look of the townhouse’s interior in order to create a plan to fulfill the homeowner’s wishes.  We decided to change the existing paint color throughout the entire house.  We applied possible matching colors to a wall, as we always do, in order to decide the right color that best matched the existing furniture and architectural style.  All of the walls and ceilings were painted.
The entrance area had high vaulted ceilings, so we used our rolling-type scaffolding and different-height ladders to handle this risky paint job.
We proposed that the Homeowner keep the existing handrails instead of installing new ones, since they were in very good shape.  We suggested instead, to completely sand down and finish them with a wood stain that complemented the newly selected paint color.
The final result was fantastic and very satisfactory.  We saved the Homeowner a lot of money by not changing the existing handrails.
It is very important for our company to give the right service and not add unnecessary work to make a profit.  We believe in referrals and repeat customers.
Erenay DesignBuild adopts Robert Bosch’s philosophy, the founder of Robert Bosch GmbH, “I would rather lose money than trust”.