Norwalk House
Norwalk, CA
Location:  Norwalk, California
Scope of Work:  Architectural Design and preparation of a set of drawings for a two-story addition’s city permit.
By reason of having a small house with an expanding family, a major addition was requested by the Homeowner.  They had a large-sized backyard which allowed us to design a two-story addition with more than a 1,000-sf. new-living space.
After ascertaining the building requirements from the City of Norwalk Planning Department, we created preliminary optional architectural design ideas and shared them with the Homeowner.  Finally, the architectural design was finalized according to the family’s expectations. The new living area included two regular bedrooms, one master bedroom, one bathroom, one master bathroom, and a lot of closet space for storage.
Structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects were prepared with our supervision.  After the completion of the entire set, we applied for the construction permit and followed up the whole procedure with the city building department, and finally, received the construction permit.
Erenay DesignBuild provides in-house architectural and interior design services for residential projects and prepares the full set of drawings to pull the city permit for construction.