Location:  Arcadia, California
Scope of Work:  Room Addition
The Homeowners wanted to add a child’s bedroom to their existing home in Arcadia.  They were not sure about the city requirements and if a room addition was possible.
 We learned from the City of Arcadia’s Planning Department that the project was doable; however, if the total square footage of the house exceeded 2,500 sf., an entire 2-story house fire sprinkler system would have to be installed.  Therefore, we designed a 110 sf. bedroom and kept the entire square footage at 2,499 sf. in order to avoid installing a very costly fire sprinkler system.
We designed the new bedroom; prepared all the architectural, landscaping, and electrical projects for the entire house, and had a structural project and calculation prepared by a California licensed structural engineer.
We followed all city permit procedures and pulled the construction permit in a very short amount of time.
We were involved throughout the entire construction phase and the new bedroom, which matches the existing house perfectly, was successfully added to the existing home.
Erenay DesignBuild takes great pride in our design and construction know-how, as a result of this flawless project.