Design Build


The Design-Build Concept

Design-Build is a form of project delivery in which the client contracts with a single entity, the design-builder, to provide both design and construction services. The design-build entity may be a single firm, a group of experts or a joint venture. Typically, the team includes a contractor and an architect/engineer.

Benefits of Design-Build:

  • Single-point contractual responsibility
  • Efficient and constructible design
  • Better control of project schedule and cost
  • Shorter project delivery time
  • Joint problem solving
  • Improved team coordination
  • Dispute resolution and reduced claims

Our Design-Build Approach 

Instead of design and construction working separately, Erenay Design Build selects an architect/engineer for a specific project, places them under one contract and adds them to the design-build team. We utilize in-house design professionals or independent architectural firms to provide a full range of design services that complement our development and construction services. By staffing the project with construction professionals during the planning and design phases, the team fully understands the project goals, technical details and key issues before construction begins. Choosing a contractor early in the planning stage of a project gives practical advice and cost input to the client.

This collaborative approach allows us to customize projects to meet client needs and assures that the design and construction of buildings are completed on time and within budget, through a single source; from concept through final occupancy.