Construction Management

Erenay DesignBuild offers professional Construction Management Services that are tailored to the client’s exact specifications; no matter the size or complexity.

During the Construction Management process, we work alongside with the client and engineering consultants. Our primary task is to represent the interest of the client throughout the project by maintaining design intent and delivering a high-quality project on time and on budget.

Benefits of Construction Management include: reduced costs, fast-track scheduling and pre-qualification of subcontractors and vendors.
Our Construction Management Services include:

  • Weigh project alternatives
  • Constructability reviews
  • Efficient scheduling and accurate budget evaluations
  • Coordinate the checking and approving of shop drawings
  • Provide construction supervision and subcontractor control
  • Maintain a pro-active safety program
  • Prepare cost estimates for any required changes as the work progresses
  • Verify and confirm invoices of suppliers and subcontractors before payment
  • Submit weekly control reports outlining the progress and status of the project
  • Quality, on-time construction