Beach House Design   Location:  Oxnard, California Scope of Work:  Architectural Design    Description When we picture the architectural style of the beach homes in California, contemporary and modern architectural styles are the firsts we think of.   A Los Angeles resident hired the owner of Erenay DesignBuild to design his beach house in an ideal location in the beach city of Oxnard.   We had several meetings with the Homeowners to assess their tastes for architectural style, colors, and materials.  At the beginning stage of the preliminary design, we ask our clients to complete a questionnaire tailored specifically to their project.  This helped us gain a better perspective of their lifestyle, needs, and anything else they aspired to have in their new home.   We understand that building a new house or making additions/remodeling to your existing house is an immense investment.  We have a passion to design and build whatever the client would like to experience in their dream home.   Erenay DesignBuild’s approach for every service provided is, as one of our client’s told us, “You don’t work like it is someone else’s house, you work like it is yours.”