Corona, CA
Location:  Corona, California
Scope of Work: Project Preparation for City Permit
Sometimes, we prefer to only be involved in the design process of a project depending on our company’s workload and the location of the construction job.  This approach benefits both parties.
The owner of a Herbalife Smoothie shop contacted our company with a need for project-preparation service.  We contacted the City of Corona to find out the required paperwork and projects in order to get the construction permit.  Then, we prepared every necessary document and submitted them to the city.  We followed up on the procedure with city staff, and finally received the permit for construction.
Architectural projects for non-structural small commercial spaces do not have to be prepared by a California licensed architect.  That is why, we handle the project preparation of small commercial- improvement projects with our staff.  We have excellent knowledge of the California Building Codes, ADA (American Disabilities Act) Standards, occupancy class, and occupancy load calculations.
Erenay DesignBuild has a staff who studied architecture in reputable universities.  We are a design-build firm with the capability of handling the design and construction stages of any type of project.