South Pasadena House
South Pasadena, CA
Location:  South Pasadena, California
Scope of Work:  Architectural As-Built Project Preparation
An as-built project is a project that shows the existing situation of a residential or commercial building.  Having an as-built project in hand gives the Homeowner the ability to know all the facts regarding their house such as room square footages and ceiling heights.
This valuable information can be used when purchasing new furniture or for possible future renovating/remodeling purposes.  It is a great asset to have these plans in your files because they can be used for city submittal in the case of a remodeling job.
Understandably, the Homeowner of this over 100-year old, two-story historical home did not have as-built projects and contacted us for this service.
Erenay DesignBuild got the on-site detailed measurements through electronic and manual methods and prepared the architectural as-built project with precision.